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Double room in the barn, Norway, Bed and Breakfast, travel, holiday, Norwegian traditional living, old , romantic cotter's farm


Double room 

with private bathroom: 775 NOK 

All units has private bathrooms


a little timber house built 1800)

1-4 guests from 855 NOK

The Little Apple, tiny double room in Norway, timber house, cotter's farm, historical atmosphere, simple standard, cheapest room, 250 NOK per person

Tiny double room and bath room in The Chalet 

All rooms have lovely views of the garden, farmland and lake

Springtime in Norway, Møyrud Bed and Breakfast, cheap accommodation in Norway
Summer, autumn in Norway, holiday, bed and breakfast in Norway
Hiking in Norway, bed and breakfast at a cotter's farm, traditional, romantic, lake view, free bikes, eco food, eco house in Norway, countryside
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